Isle of Skye Fishing Guide

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I was travelling through Scotland and catching a salmon on fly had been on my bucket list of things to do for a very long time. I have been fly-fishing in Australia for about 15 years and have a fair bit of experience at catching salt and freshwater species back home e.g. barramundi, tuna & trout. I had limited time on Skye, so hiring a ghillie's services was an obvious choice as it maximises my chances of catching one of these elusive fish. I'd also get the chance to gain information on how to catch salmon if I got the chance to fish for them again. A few of the locals dircected me to Garry Shaw, who they said was one of, if not the best ghillie on the island and a top bloke.

I have employed guides in New Zealand and Australia before, and I can confidently say that Garry was one of the best. He was incredibly professional, worked incredibly hard in trying weather conditions to ensure I caught a fish, and reasonably priced to boot. Due to the lack of rain (unusual for Skye I know), we did not land any salmon but did manage a few sea run trout. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and learnt alot from Garry. As a keen fly-tyer myself, I was impressed with the beautiful salmon flies Garry ties and they have pride of place in my collection back home.

If you are looking to hire a ghillie on the Isle of Skye, then look no further than Garry. He will work all day to put you on to fish, is a source of great information and a wonderful fishing companion. Brendan Johnson, Brisbane, Australia

The best fishing Skye has to offer. I fished on Skye for seven years before I caught my first salmon. Every morning whilst on very frequent holidays, I would abandon the warmth of our rented cottage leaving my wife in bed, to try and catch one of the elusive critters. I caught a few sea trout, many pollack off the rocks but as far as salmon were concerned, there was never a sign. It was a salmonoid drought. I can’t help thinking that for the want of a decent guide and a bit of local know-how, I would have spent far less time and money in my quest and succeeded, probably at the first attempt.

Now, having been living on the island for nearly six years, experience and knowledge having been learned through hard work and perseverance, I’m confident that, on a given day, with the right conditions, I can get the rod bent fairly frequently. And much of my success is down to the friendship, joint experiments and last, but far from least, the quality of the flies tied by Skye’s best ghillie and fly-tyer, Garry Shaw.

Whether a rank beginner wishing to tussle with a true wild salmon, sea trout or brown trout or an experienced angler simply looking for the advice and knowledge that I never got whilst on holiday up here, you should look no further than Garry. Don’t, whatever you do, get stuck in a seven-year drought like I did. Experienced, professional, easy going and knowledgeable, a day with ‘Skye Fly Guy’ will be worth it’s weight in salmon. Richard Neath, Isle of Skye

Garry Shaw has been known to Three Esses Ltd since we started operations here seven years ago. He fishes here privately a lot and has provided his ghillie services to very many satisfied customers from beginners to the very experienced. He knows every inch of the river and has had some spectacular successes here over the years both personally and for his clients. His fly-tying skills are second to none and he’s constantly coming up with new successful patterns. In fact we only sell Garry’s flies. Frankly there are none better in our view. Derek Dowsett, Three Esses Ltd

I've been a keen angler for as long as I can remember, from sea fishing to canal fishing to carp fishing. As I was into coarse fishing, I never really got interested in fly fishing until moving to Skye where I entered the world of Trout & Salmon. My dad set me up with a rod and lines and a casting lesson, I bought a reel and some flies, joined the PAA and off I went. In my first season fly fishing, I managed to catch a single brown trout from Loch Conon and that was it – no salmon or sea trout! It didn't put me off – I'm a fisherman – blanking is part and parcel of the sport (for me anyway), hopefully the next season would bring better luck.

My dad bought me a fly tying kit for my birthday & my wife's present was a fly tying lesson with Garry. I did have a go before hand, learning from books and the internet but there is nothing like expert hands on tuition. Fly tying for me is now a hobby in itself – I've progressed from buzzers, through hair-wings and am now tying feather winged Atlantic Salmon Flies from classic patterns written down in the 1800's

Since meeting with Garry for the fly tying lesson – we have become great friends and frequently fish together. Last year I'm happy to report that with Garry's expert guidance and tuition I caught my first Salmon, and then another two – all were about 10lb. I can whole heatedly recommend Skyeflyguy as an expert fishing guide, fly tier, and exceptionally patient tutor for fly tying, he has really enhanced my enjoyment and skill levels an all aspects of fly fishing.